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Commercial Debt

We provide a fast collection service on a no recovery, no fee basis. We focus on the debt itself and deliver fast results and deliver low cost recovery away from litigation. Our ability to recover in this manner delivers our clients a rapid and low cost recovery process away from expensive litigation procedures. Our industry is in the majority run by solicitor owned collections agencies, that use high cost litigation as the primary tool for recovery.

Some of the benefits of using our commercial debt collection service are:

  • No Recovery No Commission
  • Low Litigation Ratio
  • 25 year of Experience
  • Veda Advantage Mercantile Agents Defaults can be Implemented on Debtors
  • Immediate Same Day Action
  • Updates And Reports
  • Installment Negotiations
  • National and International Debt Recovery
  • Dispute Resolution

The procedures of Debt Collection in commercial collection can involve contract law and many different laws and also many different courts and arbitration processes used in the commercial litigation process. On the small numbers of cases needing Litigation, our legal firms that we utilise are the largest available from any agency, with specialist litigation coverage for any type of commercial debt. We offer a service where we know exactly which course of action will bring about the quickest and most efficient resolution to the problem.

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