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How it Works

Bell Mercantile, although not a solicitor owned firm, strives to communicate with our clients’ debtors and will deliver the demand to them.

The primary goal is the recovery, and essentially we have a remarkable recovery rate away from litigation. But we will use the services of various legal channels as there will always be the recalcitrant debtor that requires litigation.

Bell Mercantile uses the services of various legal firms such as Bespoke Law and Kliger Partner Lawyers and has had a long standing success rate with the large range of specialist practitioners and extensive resources that is available to our clients from their firm.

We will always exhaust all means possible to recover your account and have the every means available on demand to ensure your debt will be recovered as expeditiously as possible.

The procedures of Debt Collection in commercial collection can involve contract law and many different laws and also many different courts and arbitration processes used in the commercial litigation process. Our legal teams that we utilise is probably the largest available from any agency, with specialist litigation coverage for any type of commercial debt. We offer a service where we know exactly which course of action will bring about the quickest and most efficient resolution to the problem.

It is always reliant upon the behavior of the debtor as to how much it costs them before the recovery is finalised, but we offer them the opportunity to minimise those processes and make it a favorable outcome.

For us to work for you simply fill in the Service Agreement Form and fill in the debtor information in the Account Placement Form and fax the completed forms to (03) 9596 9322.

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