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Bell Mercantile operates mostly without the need for litigation, but its clearly understood that should a debtor, be it a company or an individual, not comply to demands, then litigation is an essential tool to be utilised in the Debt Recovery process.

Where most agencies have what is described as “in house solicitors”, what is being described is a debt recovery firm which is owned or operated by a solicitors firm. It goes without saying that the limitations on the chance of a successful resolution in litigation for those agencies is restricted the size of the legal team and the depth of experience they have. Which can be very limited.

Bell Mercantile has a structure where we use the expertise of an entire legal firm. So no matter what type of debt is presented to the agency, we have the availability of an entire firm and with remarkable depth and experience.

When it comes to litigation, we have a very high success rate in legal recoveries due to the calibre of the firm we use.

The successful recovery of your debt is essential to our agency and so is the quality of the litigation team, as poor legal representation can result in an expensive ordeal, and often with higher probabilities of unsuccessful recoveries.

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