Building Industry Debt Collection



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We are here to assist

building industry Debt Collection

Our Agency can assess your matter and assist in resolving your matter, our Agency has everything in place to service your needs in all sectors of the Building Industry.

We can assess you matter and assist in resolving you matter be it International Trade or other issues such as breach of contract.

The Building Industry has many varied laws and regulations specific to it and it can be complex.

We have considerable success in recoveries away from litigation

Our agency offers:

  No Joining Fee 
No Collection No Commission
Immediate Action

Our Clients come to us from all sectors of the Industry, we have been successfully servicing our clients for 30 years.

We also have to acknowledge the
many and varied legislative bodies and regulations in this Industry, and we have the required specialists to call upon for all types of matters should they be needed.

Most collection houses have in house solicitors with limited resources, we have specialist lawyers that deal with all building industry specialist matters, be it through the Courts, VCAT  or the Security Of Payment Act.

Call us on 03 95969311 and we can discuss your matter further with you.