Commercial Debt Collection

  • No Joining Fee

  • No Recovery No Commission

  • 95% Recovery ratio in house

  • 30 years of Dispute Resolution  Experience

  • Equifax Mercantile Agents Defaults

  • Immediate Same Day Action

  • Instalment Negotiations

  • National and International Debt Recovery


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Commercial Debt Collection

Our Commercial Debt Collection process has high recovery success for our clients.

Bell Mercantile has an 95% recovery rate in house.

We have over 30 years of expertise as an Debt Recovery Agency, servicing businesses Australia wide.

We provide  fast and reliable action for our clients.

We are experts in dispute resolution.

Debt Collection generally works on old and outdated methods whereby Solicitor Owned Agencies base their business model on highly expensive and extremely litigious methods.  

Our Business model differs greatly, we focus on Debt Recovery the way our clients want it to be. Utilising our in house best practice methods,  we achieve the recovery rates not seen by our peers, free of legal fees.

We have it covered for every client on any matter that comes our way. 

  • Business to Business and Business to Consumer Debts 
  • Invoicing for Goods and Services 
  • Matters involving Personally Guaranteed debtors 
  • Breach of contract matters  
  • Recovery of Court Judgements


Please feel free to call our agency on +61 3 9596 9311 and we will be more than happy give you an immediate full appraisal and consultation of your current debt collection matter.