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  • No Joining Fee
  • No Recovery No Commission
  • 95% Recovery ratio in house
  • 30 years of Dispute Resolution  Experience
  • Equifax Mercantile Agents Defaults
  • Immediate Same Day Action
  • Installment Negotiations
  • National and International Debt Recovery

Fast Effective Debt Collection

Commercial Debt Collection Agency

Our Commercial Debt Collection process has high recovery success for our clients.

Bell Mercantile has an 95% recovery rate in house.

We have over 30 years of expertise as an Debt Recovery Agency, servicing businesses Australia wide.

We provide  fast and reliable action for our clients.

We are experts in dispute resolution.

Debt Collection generally works on old and outdated methods whereby Solicitor Owned Agencies base their business model on highly expensive and extremely litigious methods.  

Our Business model differs greatly, we focus on Debt Recovery the way our clients want it to be. Utilising our in house best practice methods,  we achieve the recovery rates not seen by our peers, free of legal fees.

We have it covered for every client on any matter that comes our way. 

  • Business to Business and Business to Consumer Debts 
  • Invoicing for Goods and Services 
  • Matters involving Personally Guaranteed debtors 
  • Breach of contract matters  
  • Recovery of Court Judgements

Please feel free to call our agency on +61 3 9596 9311 and we will be more than happy give you an immediate full appraisal and consultation of your current debt collection matter.

If you want to hire an experienced and reliable commercial debt collection agency to deal with your outstanding business accounts, Bell Mercantile can help. With many years of experience and a successful track record, we have made a name for ourselves in the industry. We provide personalized debt recovery services to minimize your legal and financial risks. We help our clients recover all types of commercial debts and offer valuable professional advice along the way.

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To effectively deal with commercial debt collection, we carefully listen to our client’s requirements, study the contracts and then devise a plan to recover the debts from the debtors as soon as possible. We specialize in catering to our client’s requests and providing an impactful solution. We offer different types of debt recovery services whether you’ve small or big debts.

How Do We work?

As a commercial debt recovery agency, we recommend our clients outsource debt recovery service as it not only frees up their time but helps them focus on other important things that matter. We take control and communicate with the debtor directly. We make sure to implement the strategies step by step to deal with the problem. With a 95% recovery rate away from litigation, we have earned the trust of our clients by always keeping their needs and requirements as our top-most priority. With our commercial debt recovery services, we aim to assist our clients in keeping up their cash flow intact and maintaining healthy and long-term business relationships with their clients.

When your customers or clients don’t pay you for your business, it can be difficult to manage your business operations. Instead of wasting your time chasing down the debtors, why not engage in professional commercial debt collection agency services? We will do the work of collecting your debts from your B2B partners or organisation by offering unique ad flexible services that best fit your business model.

Do not wait! Give us a call on +613 9596 9311 and let our staff assist you.

Business Debt Collection Services

Our commercial debt collection agency offers a wide range of services according to your business type and debt collection requirements. We communicate with debtors and prepare detailed records of it for future use. Our polite and friendly debt collectors deliver fast and efficient services so that your company does not have to suffer from a finical blow. We have the experience and expertise required with such delicate business matters without affecting your business relationships.

Let us know how we can help you. Our business debt recovery agents will personally contact your customer/client within 24 hours of booking our services. We promise to protect your organization’s reputation by treating your case with sensitivity. If you are looking for commercial debt collection services or want to know more about the work process, feel free to get in touch with us via phone call or online.

Read What Our Customers Says

Keith Blackman
Keith Blackman
An outstanding Debt Recovery Agency. I have had multiple dealings with this company with a near perfect recovery rate from some very difficult clients. Professional & efficient. Great work to John & Staff. Ultimate Temp Fencing
Helen Orsini
Helen Orsini
Have been using Bell Mercantile for over 20 years, always does a great job at collecting debtors overdues. Would highly recommend.
Paul Dixon
Paul Dixon
Good hassle free service for a good price
Frank Gr8 Computer Services
Frank Gr8 Computer Services
Above Aidin from “SURF GRILL” is my debtor. They haven’t paid me invoice over half year. I asked Bell Mercantile to help me to recover my debt. They took prompt action with professional attitude. Unfortunately they received a poor review from my debtor. I honestly tell, Bell Mercantile can be trusted and recommended.
Wireless Solutions
Wireless Solutions
Great Service. Very Professional. John and his team showed the utmost compotence in recovering our outstanding local and international debts. Highly Recommended.
sarah hill
sarah hill
I had a very positive experience with Bell Mercantile. They responded to my request quickly and efficiently. I will definitely keep them as a team.
Torquematic Info
Torquematic Info
Fast Recovery, excellent service, will be using again to recover our debts

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