Simply put, we have 30 years of experience and we dont charge any Joining Fees for our agency. 

Most agencies in Australia have a business Model of being Solicitor owned, or In House Solicitors, with the revenue stream coming from billing on matters in litigation.  Obviously they dont employ specialist collection staff or they would go out of business. The recovery of the debt for them is secondary, the need to bill and litigate is Primary!

We have 95% RECOVERY RATE RATIO IN HOUSE as our business survives on commission only, so success is paramount on all matters.

We offer:

  • Commission on Recovered Amount
  • No Joining Fee
  • Immediate Action

We have 2 ways we can assist, if you have just a single matter needing Urgent attention,  you can  load you debtor now.

If you want to our ongoing assistance then we just need a few forms filled in.

We recommend filling in the following:

Once these are filled in and Emailed back we will commence on the matters Immediately
If your matter is an International Debt
For International Debt Collection we ask you fill in the International Debt Collection Service Agreement