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  • 95% Recovery Rate In House

  • Not Solicitor Owned

  • 30 Years Experience

  • Business and Consumer

  • No Joining Fee

  • Commission on Collection

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About us

Our Debt Collection Agency maintains an extraordinarily high recovery success rate for our clients.

Bell Mercantile has over 95% Debt Collection in house.

We have the experience to assist you, with over 30 years of expertise as an Debt Recovery Agency, servicing businesses Australia wide

We provide  fast and reliable action for our clients.

Our Business model is all about Debt Recovery the way our client want it to be,  we have a 95% Debt Collection success without the need of litigation.

We achieve this by not working on the old and tired methods in the sector, which are primarily solicitor owned agencies with their business model based and highly expensive and extremely litigious methods.   That is not how we see it!

Most agencies in Australia have a business Model of being Solicitor owned, or In House Solicitors, with the revenue stream coming from billing on matters in litigation.  Obviously they dont employ specialist collection staff or they would go out of business. The recovery of the debt for them is secondary, the need to bill and litigate is Primary!

We also offer our clients a Global network for our International Debt Recovery.

Our speciality has always been to service clients Australia wide, recover their debts without just initiating litigation.

But inevitably there are files that need litigation, and thats where we set ourselves apart, our legal network stands alone.

We utilise KHQ Partners, a substantial city based Legal Firm, with specialists capable of dealing with all matters in every industry.

We have it covered for every client on any matter that comes our way.

Please feel free to call our agency on 03 9596931 and we will be more than happy give you an immediate full appraisal and consultation of your current debt collection matter.

At Bell Mercantile, we provide our clients with professional debt recovery services by combining our expertise and experience of over thirty years. Being a leading debt collection agency in Australia, we have worked on thousands of cases and have helped our clients keep their businesses afloat by providing comprehensive debt recovery services.  Our focus is on delivering personalised services to clients based on their business model and key debt recovery requirements. Over the years, we have helped several businesses of various types and sizes across Australia by providing professional assistance for debt recovery. If you are looking for a professional debt collection agency, Bell Mercantile can help you get a personalised recovery solution.

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Why Do You Need to Hire Debt Collectors?

When it comes to business transactions between clients and customers, there are a lot of challenging factors involved. While running your business, you need to have a proper cash flow or else it can disrupt your day-to-day business operations.

Our debt collectors have worked in the industry for many years, they have the knowledge and experience they need to handle each debt collection case with the utmost care and attention. We follow a systematic approach and utilise our best strategies to deal with the debtors on your behalf.

We are well-versed in the laws and regulations of debt collection. When we deal with a client’s case, we make sure to mitigate the legal and financial risks involved. We communicate with the debtors directly and act quickly. This added sense of urgency in addition to detailed documentation helps us resolve the case and come to an optimum resolution.

Debt Collection Services Company

Searching for debt collection services you can fully trust? In an ideal business transaction setting, you should immediately receive payment for the services you’ve provided and products you’ve delivered to your client or other business. You may get the payment as per the due date, while in some cases, you may have a hard time settling your accounts with your debtors.

We are proud to be one of the leading debt collection companies in Australia, we provide compatible and result-oriented debt recovery solutions to our clients. If you have any delinquent debts to collect, our debt collectors can help.

Highly Rated Debt Collection Services

Our highly-trained professionals are familiar with effective techniques to deal with such cases and collect the payments on your behalf. We provide immediate response services and help accelerate the payment process. We ensure that you won’t have to pay us for debt collection services till we deliver guaranteed results. We work with our clients to get their money faster so that they don’t have to run behind their debtors and waste their precious time and resources.

If you need more information on our work process, call us on +613 9596 9311 today. You can also reach out to us by filling out our online form.