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Bell Mercantile is a well-renowned debt collection agency specialising in offering quick and reliable services to clients. We have a team of talented and experienced debt collectors in Canberra who provide customised debt collection and recovery solutions to clients according to their business model. Our services are extended across all industries whether it is a small business or a big organisation based in and around Canberra.

Our debt collectors of Canberra will communicate with your debtors on your behalf. We prepare proper records of each time we try to establish contact with the debtors. These records and documentation further demonstrate the efforts to collect your debt. In case you need legal action against your non-paying client or want to claim a bad debt as a tax deduction, our documents can help.

Why Choose Us?

  • Easy to understand and seamless service process
  • We start collecting debts immediately
  • We offer no hidden costs or fee
  • Results-driven debt collection strategies
  • Customised consumer and commercial debt collection solutions


We follow ethical debt collection practices, our team of professional debt collectors in Canberra are committed to delivering the highest standards of customer service, maximising your company’s debt collection rate and improving your cash flow rate.

Get Successful Debt Recovery in Canberra with Bell Mercantile

Our debt collection agency has many years of experience in dealing with all sorts of cases including Construction debt, International debt, Consumer debt, Commercial  debt and Personal debts. For a thorough debt recovery in Canberra, we will follow up with your debtors so that you can focus on more important things in your business as delinquent debts take up a lot of effort. Our flexible options allow our clients to choose from a variety of debt collection services suited to their needs. Our staff are well aware of the laws and protocols governing the debt collection processes thus eliminating chances of legal risks.

If you want your debtors to make payments quickly, kindly get in touch with us today. We will make sure your debt payments come in quickly. When you choose our debt recovery services in Canberra, you won’t have to run after your non-paying clients and customers and save your resources instead.

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