Business debt recovery

Real estate debt recovery may seem like a simpler process, but it takes a professional real estate agent debt collector to get the job done. The debt collectors understand all about the latest debt collection practices and techniques to recover your funds on time. Real estate managers and landlords often face challenges due to unpaid rent by the tenants. Some property dealers and managers give up quickly instead of coming up with effective ways of collecting the debt. Here at Bell Mercantile, our work involves assisting clients to pursue and fully recover their debts. If you have the contract or documentation, our agency can help you recover all your past debts successfully.

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We are a reputed real estate debt collection agency; our experienced debt collection specialists are equipped to handle your case no matter how complex it is. Our professional and friendly approach enables us to recover your unpaid debts within a set timeframe. We believe in maintaining healthy relationships with clients and getting started with our real estate debt collection ASAP.

Why Hire Our Real Estate Agent Debt Collector?

Bell Mercantile has been in the business for over 30 years, during which we have worked on various debt collection projects including international debt and consumer debts. Our working style is quite simple- We study your contract, assess the situation and start with the debt collection process. Our real estate agent debt collector will contact the debtor on your behalf and ensure the amount is either received in full or in instalments.

If the debtor refuses to pay the amount or the issue isn’t resolved, we will send a notice to the solicitor. Our real estate debt collection agency strives to achieve the expected outcomes by using proactive strategies. While working on your debt recovery case, we promise to preserve your business relationships with your clients and customers.

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How Can Bell Mercantile Help With Real Estate Debt Recovery?

At Bell Mercantile, we provide our clients with a comprehensive range of real estate debt collection services across Melbourne. If your client is refusing to pay in full, we can help. Our services are developed by our industry experts with a prime focus on identifying and addressing the unique challenges faced during debt recovery.

When you hire our real estate agent debt collector, you know your case is in the right hands. We combine the latest technologies and tailored approach to providing a seamless, positive payment experience to you.

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