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Debt Collections Melbourne

Looking for the best  debt collectors in Melbourne? Bell Mercantile is here to help you with all your needs. Focus on your business and increase your productivity without worrying about debt collection. We save you the stress of pursuing debtors and provide you with the most reliable services for debt collection in Melbourne. 

Outsource all your debt collection needs to expert debt collectors in Melbourne, with over 30 years of services. You can discuss your case with our team and expect the best services in a short time span. We have a 95% success rate in-house with our debt collection, which makes us the best agency in Australia. No matter how small or large the amount is, we can help you recover it without charging you any joining fee. 

Our debt collection agency in Melbourne provides you utmost comfort by settling any conflict and resolving complex issues. We follow detailed and thorough documentation and assist you with everything. Our highly experienced, well-trained, and the super-friendly team ensures we don’t miss out on any procedure. 

We keep a track of all your documents and let you know about the progress of your debt collection process. Our documentative record helps you in the future in case of any legal hassle. Get in touch with our team today for the best debt collection in Melbourne.

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Why Opt for Bell Mercantile?

Bell Mercantile has been continuously rated among the best debt recovery collection providers in Melbourne. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for our services:

  • We offer the highest success rate in the industry. As a reputable and trusted debt recovery collection agency, we have a success rate of over 95% in-house. We recover the debt in most cases.
  • With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have handled the most complex cases. You can count on us for the most reliable debt recovery solutions.
  • We do not charge our clients any joining fees and only charge a commission on any amount collected.
  • We save you the stress of reaching out to your debtors yourself and allow you to focus on your business.
  • Because of our reputation as a trusted debt collection agency in Melbourne, your debtors will pay their debts quickly to ensure a good credit score. For the sake of their credibility, your debtors will have to pay out as quickly as possible.

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Bell Mercantile has the finest team of debt collectors in Melbourne and Australia-wide. Don’t waste your time running behind debtors and let experts take care of the job. Improve your productivity and customer satisfaction while we handle your debt recovery.

Along with our team of experts, we have all the necessary tools for information collection and procurement. We will help you with expert advice and guidance. You can call us anytime at the number mentioned on our website. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form to get in touch. Contact us today!

The main proof you need to collect the debt is a bill of sale, an invoice or receipt, as well as purchase orders, a quotation that has been given or even instructions in emails and text messages can be deemed as a contract.

Other supporting documents including digital proofs can also help.

For the fastest and most reliable debt collection in Melbourne, contact Bell Mercantile.

Absolutely it can be done. Most recently we have seen big changes in what a debtor can be liable to pay, and by adding a clause in your Contract, your Quotations or Terms and Conditions agreements or in Trerms of Trade or a Loan Agreement – effectively if its added to any document prior to the transaction taking place and acknowledged- All it needs is to specify they are agreeing to be laible to pay “all Debt Collection Commissions”. Then your are well covered.

Bell Mercantile recommends making changes if you have not done so and provides the best service for debt collection in Melbourne.

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