Debt Recovery Services in Melbourne

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  • 95% Recovery Rate In House

  • Not Solicitor Owned

  • 30 Years Experience

  • Business and Consumer

  • No Joining Fee

  • Commission on Collection

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To keep your everyday business operations going, you need to have the required cash flow. Being a business owner, you may face many challenges such as delayed payments with less time and resources to collect your delinquent debts. Hiring debt recovery services in Australia is exactly what you need to do to manage such a situation. Bell Mercantile has been in the business of debt recovery services for over 30 years now. Our team believes that taking immediate action at the right moment can help businesses and companies recover their debts so that they can focus on more important activities.

Hire Professional Debt Recovery Services

We recover all types of debts whether it is commercial debt, consumer debt , international debt or building industry debt. We have successfully worked and delivered results in over 3,000 cases across Australia. This is the result of our team’s efforts and dedication to helping our clients get their debts paid quickly. Besides assisting in debt recovery, we also ensure positive cash flow for our clients. If you want to hire our debt recovery services or want to know more about our other services, fill out the online form to get in touch with us. We will review your request and contact you within 24 hours.

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Why Hire Our Debt Recovery Services?

Running a business can be tough however, managing your business’ finances and debts is a whole new level of challenges. Bell Mercantile is a reputed debt recovery agency in Australia with a 95% recovery rate.

Our team has only one major goal in mind- To recover debts for our clients. We dedicate our time, resources and energy to make the process as simple and easy for our clients. We know that each case is different and unique in its own way, that’s why we take time to assess the scenario between the debtors and our clients. Based on our initial assessment and client’s requirements, we provide reliable debt recovery in Australia.

What Do We Offer?

At Bell Mercantile, we are backed with immense industry experience. We have a team of qualified debt collectors that will help you take the right step to recover your debts using a more professional and efficient approach. Hire us and you’ll get:

  • Team of Professional Debt Collectors
  • Immediate Response Services
  • Use of Ethical Techniques and Procedures
  • Customer-centric, Professional Approach
  • Detailed and Thorough Documentation

Dedicated Debt Recovery Services

Bell Mercantile has access to a variety of tools and debt collecting strategies. We keep our clients up-to-date with the progress, we maintain thorough documentation prepared by our experts. Once we review your contract details, we contact the debtor and work extensively to come up with a resolution.

Call us on +613 9596 9311 and we will help you understand all about our unique debt recovery services in Melbourne. You can pick the one that aligns with your business model.